IStopMotion crashed and now have corrupted file, anyway to access the footage??

I used iStopMotion to record a time-lapse setup of a concert, it was running fine, then the software ‘quit unexpectantly’
I tried opening the file that had been created by the software, but it won’t open it.
Is there any way to acces the video footage from this file or to repair it??
Another question to this is I was recording in HD at a frame every 3 secs, and the file size that was created for approximately a 3-4 mins video record was approx 60 gig?? Anyone know why the file size is so big???
Hope someone can help, I did submit a support request but I don’t believe I have had any response to it :frowning:

You can try to recover it with our rescue tool:

Please read the enclosed information on how to use it!

File Size: We are storing the images uncompressed in the movie file so you don’t loose quality when saving the movie multiple times. If you are recording HD with 30 fps for 4 minutes you will end up with approximately 60 GB. Of cause you have to export this file to a compressed format (e.g. H.264) to it play back smoothly.