iStopmotion Camera Compatibility

For about a year now, I’ve been trying to find out how to get my JVC Everio hooked up to iStopmotion version 2.0.1 so that I can get live feed/onion skinning/all of that other stuff. I would like to know how to do it without spending obnoxious amounts of money. Can I do it, or is it simply impossible?

If it has no firewire out, that delivers live video, there is no way of doing it, without getting a HDMI capture card/box.

Is there a cheap-ish firewire that I could get that could deliver live video?

juste une info : j’ai testé 2 caméra vidéo (non reconnues par l’assistant pour appareil photo de iStopMotion Pro 2.8) mais qui fonctionnent très bien : Panasonic HM-TA02 et Zoom Q2HD en mode webcam. Il faut d’abord lancer le logiciel puis brancher la caméra vidéo que l’on pourra sélectionner dans le menu source (par défaut c’est la Camera FaceTime HD qui s’affiche).
I’ve tested two video camera (not recognized by the camera assistant for iStopMotion Pro 2.8) but that work very well: Panasonic HM-TA02 and Zoom Q2HD in webcam mode. First launch the software and plug the video camera that can be selected in the source menu (default is the FaceTime HD camera that appears).