iStopMotion App Store Upgrade

I bought the home edition from the apple app store and after using it for a while would like to upgrade to the express edition. On the website, there is an upgrade price of $60 from home to express. My question is does this apply to the app store edition as well?


Unfortunately the Mac App Store currently does not provide an option to upgrade to other editions (e.g. Home to Pro) of an app.

To do so, please refund your current purchase.

The refund has to be requested from Apple. In the Mac App Store on the start page please click on “Support” in the “Quick links” box. Please look at this screenshot if you can’t find it:

You will be redirected to the Apple support website. Please click on “Account and Billing” there and fill in the form. Apple will contact you.

Then you can purchase the desired edition.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we know this is not as easy as it should be, but technically there is no other way yet. If Apple gives us the possibility to upgrade easier, we’ll implement it as soon as possible.

what would you guys recommend: buying directly via app store, or downloading the DMG from

That totally depends on your preference, but if you consider to upgrade to another edition one day the version from our own online-store is way more comfortable: