iStopMotion and Mac OS Big Sur vs. 11.1

Can anyone tell me if iStopMotion for Mac functions well on Mac OS Big Sur vs. 11.1?

Thanks Anyway,

Arno de Graaff (greetz from the Netherlands)

Hi @Arnozem Greetings to the Netherlands!

Thank you for your interest in iStopMotion and for reaching out with your question.

iStopMotion is currently not supported on macOS Big Sur. The last version of macOS that the current version of iStopMotion is working on is macOS Mojave (10.14). This is because iStopMotion is relying very heavily on QuickTime which Apple removed from macOS with Catalina.

We plan to bring back iStopMotion from the iPad (where it is not using QuickTime) to the Mac eventually.

To be more precise… macOS still provides QuickTime support, perhaps even more than it did previously, but it no longer provides the 32-bit QuickTime 7 and QTKit frameworks (or 32-bit application support more generally).

Boinx would need to transition to the AVFoundation framework to replace the functionality. Apple had introduced AVFoundation (and associated frameworks) as a a replacement for the old QuickTime frameworks and QTKit in 2010 and has had the old frameworks marked as deprecated for years.

Boinx is already using the replacement frameworks in the iOS app, they just haven’t migrated that back to the desktop application.

Has there been any progress in getting iStopMotion back onto a Mac yet. I have Catalina and I notice it is running Quicktime which I believe was required by iSM.