iStopMotion Advice or Possible Script

Hi I’m working on a long animation and throughout it I need to have all motion essentially stop (while audio continues) To this point I’ve been achieving this through copy and multiple pastes of a single frame which works perfectly fine, but is laborious.

I was wondering if there was a script or process/technique available that was less monotonous - maybe an applescript that duplicates the selected keyframe X number of times?

Any advice would be appreciated

You could capture multiple frames at the same time by hitting the 1-4 keys on your keyboard.

If that is not an option, I created a little script for you that you can simply run to duplicate the currently selected frames X times. It is a really dirty hack though :wink:

Hmm… is there a trick to downloading the attached script?

Apparently there is something broken in the forum software, here is a download Link:

I wonder whether you need to have all the animation in the one iStopMotion movie file.
Do you have any plans to use any other software (eg Final Cut Pro, iMovie) in the movie process?
If so, you could make short animation segments in iStopMotion using the Soundtrack offset feature to adjust the start point for each new animation segment. Then assemble the whole thing, including the full audio track, the stop motion segments and still frames where the motion stops, in the movie software.