iStopMotion 3: Mac App Store or download?

Not quite sure which way to go here for an upgrade, since it’s available in both places. The MAS is convenient, but on occasion other applications I use have had issues with the policies there. In general I’d prefer to go the route of buying from the developer direct…anyone have any reasons why I shouldn’t??

I prefer the Mac App Store and now only buy stuff from the Mac App Store - I hate license codes and dealing with that. When I buy a new Mac I love being able to login and have all the apps I use without even launchings Safari. There are tons of benefits to the Mac App Store and that is where all of my apps now live.

Yeah, except the “benefit” of the MAS is often missing features due to MAS restrictions. Good devs will tell you what’s different between them. I assume that means that since Boinx doesn’t tell us, that there aren’t any…but I don’t like to assume.

@robgendreau and Macclerate: Good question and good points. I am considering purchasing iStopMotion 3. But, I’d like to hear an answer to this from Boinx before I decide to purchase.
I’ve just sent a message to Achim (Boinx), asking him if he can reply to this discussion.

I had a live Chat with Kriana about an hour ago. She’s a MacHeist employee; they currently (for the next 6 days) are selling iStopMotion 3 as part of an 8-app Bundle for a total of $9.99 []. She assured me that software purchased from MacHeist carries all the features and benefits (and upgrade path) available if purchased directly from Boinx; no missing-features issues like those that are sometimes associated with Mac App Store purchases.

We don’t have any restrictions to the MAS version neither to the MacHeist Bundle version.