iStopMotion 3 Crashes When Taking Time Lapse with Nikon D3000

iStopMotion 3 crashes partway into capturing a time lapse using my Nikon D3000. The D3000 is tethered to a 2010 MacBook Pro (running Mac OS X Mountain Lion) using a USB cable.

Partway through capturing each image, I notice the countdown timer freeze-up, as the image is being imported in the application - note: I am capturing the frames at 20 - 30 second intervals. Overall, the application ends up freezing up entirely to the extent that the whole system is unresponsive, at which point I have to force-restart my computer.

I was initially shooting in RAW. However, I have switched to just JPEG NORMAL to no avail.

The camera is set to Aperture Priority, and is using a manual-focus-only prime lens.

I have approached Boinx support, and they have had me try removing all third-party Quicktime codecs from my Mac, also to no avail.

Any assistance would be appreciated.