iStopMotion 3 always has black screen, sometimes quits

I’m running iStopMotion3 on my Macbook Pro + Mountain Lion. Whenever I run this software I always get a black screen and occasionally get a “Has stopped working unexpectedly” error message. I’m kind of stuck on this one as I’m new to this software, any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

How much RAM does your Macbook have? To find out click the apple in the top left hand corner > About This Mac. It Should say how many GB of RAM you have next to “Memory”. If its 4 or under, good luck trying to run iStopmotion properly, I had the same problem.

@treefrog: Memory could be one problem (like @Heakalani noted) and buggy 3rd party QuickTime components could be another. Please can you run SandboxCleaner ( ) to check if there is a problem?