iStopMotion 3.5 always crashes as soon I launch it

I’ve checked in the QuickTime Library but I don’t have any of the offending QT components you listed in your FAQs. Wasn’t unable to run the program yet, even disabling all of my panels… Any further hint? Thanks

Can you post a crashlog or send it to our support staff over at Like this we can check what the issue is.

here it is… (sent to support staff too via email)

It crashes when loading /Library/QuickTime/M100 Codec DEBUG.Component, I’d recommend removing this Debug QuickTime component.
maybe also run once to make sure there isn’t more.

It seemed to crash for me every time I tried to start a new movie, by pressing Cmd-N, and iStopmotion does that when it starts up by default. So if you can start it up by finding a previous movie and tell Mac to open it with iStopmotion, it probably won’t crash. I also reinstalled iStopmotion and that fixed it, but now I’m getting a new problem (though the new problem is not fatal and I can finally create a new movie).

@tenny1028‌ Thanks for your answer, but this isn’t my case. Removing the offending old (and very rare) QT component from my computer library has completely solved my issues. Now everything works fine.