iStopMotion 2: controlling "import images" sort order?

hi there! total newb here, so please have mercy.

I’m using the Movie > Import Images > From Disk command to grab a couple of hundred timelapse images captured on my phone. The problem: My phone did a janky job of numbering them (actually it’s an iPhone app called iTimeLapse that did the poor naming).

I can sort them into the right order on my computer by viewing by date (capture time), but that doesn’t seem to “stick” when I drag them into iStopMotion.

Is there some way to tell iStopMotion to re-order the imported images by capture time rather than filename?

thanks for any insight…

mr. toastey

When importing images iStopMotion sorts the images by name. Unfortunately this behaviour can’t be changed. You can use a 3rd party app called “GraphicConverter” ( ) to rename your image files e.g. by date depending on the EXIF data in the images in a automated process.

thanks! that’s helpful! good ole graphic converter, to the rescue once again… “hello old friend.”

Hi Achim! I was surprised to be somewhat befuddled over how to do this in GraphicsConverter… you don’t have a tutorial on batch-renaming by creation date by any chance, do you? (I know that’s kind of specific, but thinking maybe somebody else has asked about this, at some point)



OK, I figured it out… sheesh, took awhile though… GC is such a Mac warhorse, but it ain’t exactly intuitive… @-) thanks for guiding me in the right direction!