iStopmotion 2.8 crashes on first frame

Hi all,
I’m using a Sony DFW-X710 firewire camera head on iStopmotion 2.8 demo, running Snow leopard 10.6.4 on a Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz intel. This camera works fine on the setup at work and the image displays clearly, but the application crashes upon taking the first frame. The same thing happens when using time lapse. The settings are DV PAL, 768 x 576, 25fps, with DV PAL pixel aspect ratio. The native resolution from the camera is 1024 by 768, but as I said this has been no problem when using less powerful machines at work using version 2.0.8. Is this a 2.8 problem? Also, the camera is the only thing plugged into the laptop.

I have some animation workshops running over summer and I need a stable platform to work on- does anyone have any fixes or workarounds for this please? Thanks in advance.

Hi, is there a specific reason you are still running 10.6.4? If possible, please consider an update to the latest version or at least 10.6.7

I just downloaded it and am having the same problem. iMac i7 with 10.6.7. I am currently trying the free trial. It actually shows it still running on the task bar, but starting it up again still asks as if you are making a new movie.

I have the same problem.
Software crashes by importing the first frame.
MacBookPro Core i5 Mac OS 10.6.8

Crashes on first frame just like the others here. How do I change back from this 2.8 Demo to my old 1.8 (?) for a shoot tomorrow July 4th.

Hi, it’s taken me all weekend to get up to 10.6.7 (10.6.6 first, then numerous firmware updates, repair disk permissions, update other software etc) but iStopmotion still crashes when taking the first frame. Is this a 2.8 demo problem, or has anyone else had the same thing in the full version? I’m using the demo because I don’t want to buy the full version if it doesn’t actually work with my hardware, cheers.

Hi guys, we are getting feedback from some users with that problem. unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this error on our machines. Can you guys please revert back to iStopMotion 2.7 and report back if it works again in this version?

i have downloaded the 2.7 Version and it works. I can import picturs from a volume and i can also take pictures with the iSight Camera.
Thanks for the telephone support.
I think i will buy the express version.

While we continue to search for a reason of this mysterious crash please download iStopMotion version 2.7 (see above) if you are affected by this issue. Thanks!

I will try it also, but my trial is up already. Is there anyway to extend it so I can see if the reverted version works?

Just request a new trial. You may want to do this using the just released version 2.8.1.

Thanks guys, 2.7 works fine with 10.6.7. I’ll do some tests with the camera and then run 2.8.1 just to make sure, thanks again, Wonkypops.

I had the same problem, and had to download version 2.7 - works fine on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, trial time is up…

As already stated this is fixed with 2.8.1, so you can go ahead and update. Of course you can re-request another trial.