IstopI motion crashes

Istopmotion crashes on start up. Any ideas, can’t find an update

What version of iStopMotion are you using? (Just in case: here is the download )
You can try to remove the preferences file of iStopMotion located in ~/Library/Preferences/com.boinx.iStopMotion befor starting iStopMotion again.

Hi Achim. It’s the iPad version, used on ipad2. I’ve searched for updates. Nothing. Bit miffed as I’ve been looking forward to using it with my 4gs as a remote camera. Thought about deleting it and starting again but don’t want to pay again.

If an update is available it automatically will come with the iTunes appstore. We can’t provide them outside of the iTunes app store, sorry for that. Please be aware of this: When you delete the application all your stop motion projects you may have already captured with it will be lost! We are going to release an update shortly via iTunes, so maybe you want to wait some days before loosing all your work? The update probably helps with the issue you have.

maybe u’ve already tried it … but just in case you didn’t… please restart your iPad. This crash is most likely caused by insufficient free memory.
Sure… even if that’s the case the app should not crash like that. But we are working on fix.
Please let us know if the restart of your iPad solves that issue for you.

Oh. Since you already purchased iStopMotion on the AppStore you can delete it and download it again for free. So don’t be confused by the Popup asking you if u really want to purchase the item. Once you confirm that another message will show up telling you, that u’ve already purchased that item and you can download it now for free…

My daughter is trying to complete a project on the iPad. Everytime we get a number of frames done - once as high as 70 - the program crashes and we lose everything. Have done it 3 times and crashed each time. She has already deleted and downloaded again, but still same problem. What do we do now?

I am pretty sorry about the lost of your projects. We are currently working on a fix for this problem.

Using the new iPad and the 1.2 Istop motion app trying to use time lapse, it clicks for a few frames and then the program crashes and everything is lost.

We submitted a new version of iStopMotion for iPad 1.2.2 to the app store and currently awaiting the review by Apple.

I’ve got the same problem as argylemon. Once I have more than 80 frames (iPad 2 with iPhone 4) the app crashes and all frames are lost.
Hoping for a quick update …

Apple approved the new version 1.2.2 of iStopMotion iPad so you can update! Please test this update carefully before starting your projects again. We appreciate your feedback on the new version!

Hi, 1.2.2 works like a charm for now over 300 frames, shot every 3 seconds in 1080p. Except a boiling iPhone everything’s fine :slight_smile: