iStop motion (app store version) crashes

I downloaded iStop Motion 3 from the app store and it just crashes every time. Don’t even get the welcome screen anymore and no one is responding to the automated reports. When will you sort this one out?

I’m having the same problem. I also have the app store version. Is there a preference file that can be deleted to get this going?

Yup. Me to. Dont see how deleting preferences would help in my case at least as it was a completely clean install from the App store. Made same comment on Google plus and no response from Boinx

I think one of us needs to call Boinx support!

Same thing happening with me, haven’t been able to run it a single time without it crashing. I would either like a solution, or my money back.

I contacted them and got this reply. In my case it was Camtwist that was the problem, I have removed it now and everything seems to be working fine. Hope this works for y’all, good luck!

In 98% of such cases this is caused by a QuickTime component that is not Mountain Lion Compatible. The usual suspects here are Camtwist, DivX and Perian. Please let us know if you have any of these installed? Checking /Library/Quicktime shows all the installed components. Removing all non-Apple stuff from there should help. After removing the components, please restart the system.

I contacted Boinx as well. In my case it was both Camtwist and DivX. I removed them and and up and running!