iStop for Catalina

Hei! When I can download iStopmotion for Mac CATALINA?

Thanks for your interest in iStopMotion. We’re working on it, but there is no ETA of iStopMotion for Catalina yet.

Is there any news on this? It’s quite upsetting to find out after upgrading that this software is no longer useable.

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Hi Rob, I understand your frustration and I’m sorry for upsetting you.

Unfortunately, iStopMotion for Mac has not made progress. We’re still waiting for improvements in macOS to allow for a relaunch. Our best guess is fall of 2020.

Will you let us know when the Catalina version comes available?

@MMImedia Thanks for your interest in iStopMotion for Mac. Unfortunately, Apple has not made it easier for us since the last post. At WWDC, instead of making progress on Catalyst (which we originally targeted for bringing the iPad app to the Mac), Apple unveiled the plans to move to Apple Silicon with the Macs, which means that the Mac will be able to natively run iPad apps. However, so far, we’ve not been able to test this, so we don’t know what direction to take. If the iPad apps run natively on Mac, it would make more sense to invest into advancing the iPad app instead of into a Mac version and end up with two versions that can run on the Mac. So we still have to wait until it is possible to test native iPad apps on the Mac and see if we can extend it to give us access to cameras and such.