iStioMotion non-functional since v3.7 upgrade Nov 3rd

I updated my iStopmotion software to 3.7 on November 3 and since then it has been completely non-functional. Can’t open any projects (new or old). Sent a message to tech support last week (and the system details every time I try to open a project and iStopMotion crashes), and other than the auto-reply that my email was received, I’ve heard nothing.
Does anyone have any tips on uninstalling the software and being able to reinstall an earlier, functional version?
MacBook Pro Lion 10.5

Can you use Time Machine to go back to an earlier date, before 3.7 was installed?
Or have you tried a new install (just in case you got a bad install, first time round)?
The spec for 3.7 says it will work with “at least” Lion, so I shouldn’t imagine there is an OS conflict?
Good luck. Crow

can you please download 3.6 and try again?

I want to reply to this because I bought iStopMotion v.3.7 yesterday believing that it would support live preview using my Canon 60D. As far as I can tell, it does not. I eventually found this forum thread and downloaded v.3.6 from the link in the previous response. It works as expected. I’ve never used the app before, so I don’t know what new features I’m missing-out on in v.3.7. (I’m using the app on a MacBook Pro Retina 15" running OSX 10.10.5.)