Issues with Twitter search

We just updated Boinx to the 1.9.1 version, but Twitter is acting funny. Whatever we search for, it either doesn’t pull anything or shows a bunch of tweets with gibberish or other languages. We don’t ever see anything with what we are searching for. We also tried just using mentions and received nothing.

The “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” ( text is just a place holder in the preview of the layer on the left, because we couldn’t display real Twitter data here. However in the live view on the right this text shouldn’t appear at all. Did you log in into Twitter via the BoinxTV Preferences (Twitter requires that you login)? What search term you are searching?

We’re logged in. It’s not the preview screen, but the live screen. The tweets it shows seems random. Some are in Chinese, some are in Russian or other languages. A few may be in English, but none of them show what we are searching for. Some items we put in the search give us nothing. We’ve tried all the options (search, timeline, mentions, etc.). We’ve rebooted and even updated to the newest version 1.9.2 and it still doesn’t work. We’ve even tried searching for different things with no difference.

Hi I’m using latest version of BoinxTV home edition version 1.9 and can’t seem to get the Twitter layer to work?
Just get the Lorem ipsum dolor… tweet placeholder only to display
Any help would be great.

How do you log in into Twitter via the BoinxTV HOME edition Preferences I’m not seeing any log in boxes to do that???

@obidawsn: Sorry for my late reply: Please can you tell me which search keys you are using?

@thomterrific7: Finally we got BoinxTV 1.9.3 approved by Apple and it should be available via the Mac App Store soon.

I have tried several searches. At first, even simple searches were giving me random tweets. I’m now playing around and putting in some of the popular search terms and some seem to work and some don’t. Our main searches, right now, are typically @qcconline and @questcommunity. We’ve also been using the hashtags #qccmarked and #qccmakewar. None of those seem to work. I just now set up a search for @qcconline. I got a long list of random tweets. Some were in another language and some were using some foul language. None of them had what we were searching for. I sent a tweet out using the @qcconline term. After a few minutes it finally popped up among the other tweets. If I turn the layer off and back on, it seems to only pick up tweets with @qcconline and almost as soon as I tweet it. I tried the same thing with #qccmakewar and it did the same thing. So it seems to pull random tweets until it picks up something with what you are searching for then it seems to catch on to that search. That’s not really a good thing when we are sending this out for people in the atrium of our church to see. We never had this problem before. Should the search go back and pull previous tweets or only tweets that come in after you start it? We’d like to be able to show the tweets that have been posted earlier, especially as we go into our Sunday morning service, wanting to pull tweets from our Saturday night service and in between.

@obidawsn Thats one problem we don’t know how to fix, because if the layer is live, we are actually start searching in twitter, the moment you change something in the search field: “@q” -> “@qqc” -> “@qqconl” and so on. We put in some delay, but that doesn’t help always. It takes about a minute until the results with your final search term arrives once you finished your typing. The best way is actually to switch the layer off, type in the search term and switch it back on. Does this work for you?

btw: You should use the “Mentioned” option with “qqconline” as search text instead of using “@qcconline” in search. Twitter is ignoring the @ sign when doing a “search” and gives you results for all “qcconline” matches where as “Mentions” is an exact lookup for your account.

We tried using mentions and it didn’t seem to work, but maybe because there wasn’t anything coming in. I thought I remembered the previous version pulling some recent tweets and not waiting for one to be posted.

Is there a way to do multiple searches? For instance, if we want to display tweets that use @qcconline and any hashtag we are using? I know in Twitter you can use the OR operation (i.e. @qcconline OR #qccmakewar). That doesn’t seem to work in Boinx.

@obidawsn: We are using the “track” parameter of the Twitter API to fetch the tweets. The guideline here says that you have to comma separate your search keys if you want to do an “OR”: Please try “@qcconline, #qccmakewar

@Achim, thanks so much. It’s all making sense, now :slight_smile: I just wish I could get it to pull recent tweets instead of just new ones. For one, we can have a feed going out when we start, and two, we people coming in later (especially on Sunday morning) can see what people were tweeting earlier (i.e. Saturday night). I feel that will help get more people interacting.

I got BoinxTV 1.9.3 on my system Mac running 10-6-8 but still not able to get Twitter layer to work at all.
I trashed the pref file but still just get the spinning circle in the Authorize twitter screen. It doesn’t connect to Twitter page.
Any help here

@thomterrific7: We released a BoinxTV 1.9.4 beta here with a fix for the Twitter-Connection problem with MacOS X 10.6.8:
Any feedback is highly appreciated!

I too cannot get the twitter feed to show up live…even in the preview it is in a generic language. I used the search option and it won’t even bring up the most common trends (example- Obama) that I type in. I have updated Boinx to 1.9.4 and twitter is still not working. I also logged in under preferences and the results are still the same.

@fordj15: The problem could be that you typing in the search text while the layer is live: we start searching for “O”, couple of seconds later for “Ob”, then again for “Oba”…etc. The recommended way would be switching the layer off, typing in the search text and then put the layer live.