Issues with "Save"

I am using FotoMagico 5.6.6 on an iMac running on Mojave 10.14.4.
Here is my issue: When doing changes to an existing FM slideshow such as adding pictures, changing zoom, rotating a picture, etc I keep on saving my work as I do changes either by doing File=>Save or by using the shortcut, however after a while, just randomly it appears, the Save option gets disabled, like if no changes were made after the last save. My only option to save my work is to do a “Save As” and either overwrite the file or save it with a different name. After closing FM and reopening the file it comes back to the expected behavior, but again after a while of making changes and using the “Save” action, it becomes disabled again.
What may be wrong? Thanks

I just bought the program this week & I’m having the same problem. The program quits unexpectedly & the only way I can save is by exiting the program & clicking save in the dialogue box. Did you find a solution?


No solution found, have been dealing with this issue all along…no reply from them Boinx fellas about my post. Wonder if they care.