ISSUE: mimoLive Virtual Camera does not work with Cisco Webex

I tried pointing Cisco Webex to the mimoLive Virtual Camera, and the Virtual Camera did not show in Webex. Would this be the same security/entitlement issue that has been reported with Discord/Zoom?

Would you know of any workarounds that would make it possible to route mimoLive video/audio into Webex?

as far as I know, Cisco stopped supporting virtual cameras in Webex. Only the “old Webex Meetings App” allows virtual cams

Hi @dcarmich Here is the offical statement from WebEx:

According to this, starting with WBS 41.2, WebEx will support Virtual Cameras again.

Workarounds if that version is not available:

  • Use a USB capture device and pipe the mimoLive output through HDMI to it.
  • Use WebEx in Chrome
  • Remove the app signature from WebEx (not recommended).

As I mentioned, I’m using client version
I’ve opened a case with Cisco and will let you know what I find!

Would a Blackmagic Web Presenter HD be an appropriate device to fool Webex into thinking it’s a camera?

(I’d use an UltraStudio 4K Mini to convert Thunderbolt to SDI.)

I just heard from Cisco support: “Kindly note that the (virtual camera) feature was disabled from our end for a while and we are still working to bring it back to the Mac devices.”

That is contrary to their help article. Interesting.

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