ISM V3.6 Crashes after importing small number of images.

Is any body having problems with iStopmotion crashing after importing only a few images? We are using version 3.6 for Mac running OSX Yosemite along with a Nikon D5200. We are shooting and trying to import raw files (Nikon *.nef) so is this likely to have an impact (files too large or software not able to handle *.nef files)? I’ll try again with the camera shooting jpeg and smaller file sizes. Version 3.7 of ISM would not work at all with the D5200 so we went back to V3.6. Any advice or solutions would be gratefully received. Regards, Matt

Update: I think we’ve sorted the problem! I’ve set full manual control, turn off VR (Vibration Reduction) and set the the image size to the smallest jpg setting (Still higher res than 1080p) rather than the raw *.nef setting. The image acquisition is then very fast and so far it doesn’t seem to crash. Fingers crossed.