Is there any way to play my old slide shows with Fotomagico 4.4 ?

During the last 7 years, I used my 2006 MacBook Pro and Fotomagico 2.2 to make many slide shows. That computer is failing, now, so I recently bought a brand new MacBook Pro and bought Fotomagico 4.4 at the app store. I was very disappointed to find that 4.4 will not play my old slide shows, which are .ssp files. I downloaded version 2.6 and used it to convert my .ssp files to .fms files, but for some reason, 4.4 will not play those files. Is there a solution to this problem?

It is strange that FotoMagico 4 won’t play your converted ssp’s. Would it be possible to upload a slideshow that won’t work and send be a link so we can take a look?

Mine do not open either!

Hope you had better luck with some help. Have been trying to resolve a problem with exporting video and no one at Boinx seems to care…

@lkemper‌ @Gallway‌ Again, can you please upload a slideshow that doesn’t open in FotoMagico 4 somewhere and send me a link to the file so we can take a look?

@rapscallion‌ please stick to the truth. You just emailed us an we are analyzing your logs. So far no luck. We’ll be in touch.