Is there a way to remove the "Made with Boinx" link In standalone app creation?

Greetings, I have a question about the standalone share option. Is there a way to remove the “Made with Boinx” link at the end? I want my clients to come back to me for design.
Thank You‼️

Achim answered this question beautifully on the Fotomagico Facebook page. Here is what he said, “Currently there is no feature implemented to do so, but you can go into the stand alone players bundle and edit the about.html file which is shown at the end of the show. Not a very convinient way, but it works at least. To do so: right-click on the stand alone player, you will get a context menu. Click on “Show Package Contents” this will bring you to a new Finder-window showing the content of your player. Navigate to “html” > “about.html”. Again right-click on that file to reveal another context menu. Select “Open with…” > “TextEdit”. Now you can edit this final about-box and remove the line with the “FotoMagico” link.”