Is there a way to open a FotoMagico 3 created slideshow in FotoMagico 2?

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Is there a way to open a FotoMagico 3 created slideshow in FotoMagico 2?</strong>
           <p>a FotoMagico 3.x created slideshow can only be opened in FotoMagico 2 if you are able to save the slideshow as 'Slideshow Package' (.ssp) file. This will only be possible if you create a slideshow in FotoMagico 3 without using FotoMagico 3 only features like multiple audio tracks or movie slides.    Check out the original article for more information!</p>
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I have an older file that will not open. The message is: The document “INVOCATION-SHOW” could not be opened. FotoMagico cannot open files in the “FotoMagico Slideshow Package” format. Any ideas?

@fotobrad: Which version of FotoMagico are you using to open the slideshow document? Which file extension does your slideshow document has?


I’ desperate here. I have a few slideshows I created in the past to show in big speeches I gave in photography events (they were created with Fotomagico 2(v. 3.8.8). I now have an iMac and macbook pro running Mac OS Mojave (v 10.14.3) and I can’t open it. Fotomagico 2 does not open in my macs and I downloaded Fotomagico 5 but it does not open the old slideshow file (fotomagico 2) as well.

I have a big event coming up where I wanted to show these slideshows.

Help!!! Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you so much.