Is there a way to have a different color than black for transitions.

I love PhotoMagico but am struggling to find a way to avoid having the screen go to black during transitions like spin or the shuffle. What I want is the ability to set a background layer so that the transition occurred over that image/movie rather than black.

Longer version: I’m using FM to build visual animations that are exported to FCPX. I’ve written before about wishing there was a way to export a ProRes 4444 with a clear background (Like Motion does) so I could place the slideshow on top of an animated background in FGPX. I understand that isn’t currently possible but, is there some way to put something other than black in the background of transitions like the spin or the shuffle?

You can either change the background color of the slideshow or use an image as the background. To do so, go to “Slideshow” (in the menubar) > Settings. Here you can either adjust the color or add a background image.
It is not possible to add backgrounds for individual transitions though.

Thanks. This will work great.