Is there a best general type of output?

 What is the best method of output if you're not sure what the presentation will be shown on? Is there an output I could choose that that will look good on all types or most types of output? i.e. a projector, an HDTV, a standard TV or a monitor. 
 I've been tasked with delivering a slideshow of my sons high school rugby club at their banquet but I'm not sure what it will be presented with. I did ask the coaches but they're not sure so I'd like to be as prepared as possible.  
 FYI, I'm new to DSLR and computer editing tools. Just a regular point and shoot dad that turned 50 and got a bunch of new toys. I really love playing with photography and video but I'm a novice.  

 Thanks in advance for your help.
 PS I have Fotomagico and FCE and a few other programs I'm equally pathetic at using.

It is all about the aspect ratio of the destination device. I would recommend that you carry your laptop with you to the presentation and connect it to the video projector. This will make sure, that you will get the highest playback quality and frame rate possible. Also you can adjust the stage size of your document right at the spot to match the projectors resolution. If you change the aspect ratio of your document stage size FotoMagico will rearrange all the slides to fit into the new aspect ratio. Of cause there will be some flaws e.g. images suddenly don’t fill up all of the screen.

I won’t know what type of device/aspect ratio I’m presenting on with some of these presentations. I’ve set the output device to standard TV 4:3 and although it isn’t optimal it does solve my problem of working on just about anything I have to show the slides with.
I’ve burned DVD’s and brought these but I will take my computer and use it next time. If I can make changes to the slideshow on the fly as you said then I can show it at the best output.
I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Hi Kevin,

When you create a new document and you aren’t sure about the output device yet, then simply choose an aspect ratio you like, but make the stage size relatively large. For example do not use TV 16:9 (which has a pretty small stage size), but choose HDTV 1080 instead, which has the same aspect ratio but much higher resolution.

BTW, since I do not like the 4:3 aspect ratio my personal preference for my own slideshows is HDTV 1080.