Is Canon FS 306 SD compatible with istopmotion Express;

I need to buy a good camcorder but am lost as to what is a really good camera for less than £150 and one that allows me to play back everything I record straight away on the istopmotion software?

It doesn’t seem that this camera delivers a live picture through USB…
For now live preview is technically only possible with HDV/DV/mini-DV cameras (mostly via FireWire), and USB webcams.

Rudolf, will any camcorder that uses a USB connection work with istopmotion. I know that the Flip UltraHD won’t work, but what about other camcorders that are Flash memory based camcorders?

They all dont deliver a live picture through USB, so there is nothing iStopMotion could work with, I’m afraid. We’d also like the manufacturers to solve that differently…
One exception is the Panasonic HM-TA1EG(-H) (might be called different in other regions). So if you don’t have FireWire available and you insist on a live preview, I recommend you get a good USB webcam. Agama and Logitech are good brands.

Manufacturers usually sell that feature of USB camcorders as “webcam mode”, at least that’s how Panasonic advertises it.