Is BoinxTV the answer for live events?

Hi! We’re hosting a students awards ceremony. The set up is as follows:

  1. There are 2 cameras. One is for the wide shot of the stage as well as for any medium sized shots. The other camera will be tracking the student as he/she walks across the stage to receive the award.

  2. As the student walks, his/her name will appear as a lower third. When the student walks off the stage, it will fade away and the next one will appear for the next student.

  3. The video feed will be displayed live on the main screen on stage.

This is pretty standard stuff. But I’m looking for the best way to do this. Coz last year, we had a couple of incidents when we suddenly realized that the students had switched places in the lineup or that they were late, etc. We needed to change the lower thirds at the last minute and it was hell coz the guy who was handling this last year was using Powerpoint or whatever for the lower thirds.

We don’t wanna repeat that incident this year. I’m looking at a couple of options and BoinxTV looks perfect. It’s easy to edit names on the fly and it seems to makes it all effortless.

However, I don’t have experience doing this. How does BoinxTV handle almost 300 names? If it crashes during the live show, that would suck.

I have the latest MacBook Pro. Is that fast enough? If you have experience with BoinxTV, I would love your thoughts! Thanks so much!

I give you my 2 cents, but of course I am a bit biased here. I hope some customers also chime in.

It sounds pretty doable. Handling 300 names will still be a bit complicated as you need to create a lower third layer that has 300 settings (or break it up in multiple layers that have less settings each) but still doable and you are rather flexible.

You’d wanna do it in SD to make sure you don’t overstrain the MacBookPro. I’d give the free trial a spin. Just create a documen that would match the one you need and see how it works for you. Just create 300 identical settings and see how it behaves for you.

Yes it would suck if it crashed, to be honest we can never be 100% sure but BoinxTV turned out to be pretty solid. We did a 9 hour recording one month ago and had no possibility to restart. So it ran through flawlessly.

Thanks Bastian, I will do that. I’m planning to do exactly what you’d suggested in about 2 days’ time. It would be awesome if it works without a hitch. BoinxTV is a pretty great idea.

If any other customers can chime in with their experiences, that would be really helpful. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi Bastian, Modecai

This is similar to what I am looking at but on a slightly smaller scale and would apprciate some advice if possible. Scenario : I have a primary school that has eight classrooms each with Tv’s installed with Cat5 cabling running from each to a central media suite. What I would like to do is in the media suite have a DV camera set-up with green screen background, take the live feed, push it through the AppleMac and then live feed it out via some form of splitter to the classoom Tv’s - Morning assembly for instance. Is this something that BoinxTv would be able to do, what type of equipment at the camera level (1394/firewire input) and whats the bext method for outputting the live feed?
any help would be appreciated.


I am using this for live production and am pleased with it. It is simple and is easy to learn. 300 lower thirds could be difficult depending on the frequency you are putting them up on the screen. Boinx would be one of my top choices for this application.

@ddowney11 I’m thinking I’ll put them all up on BoinxTV before the show, according to the lineup. So when the show starts and the student goes up to receive the award, I just have to click on the red button and make it go live :slight_smile:

I’ll only have to deal with any last minute additions that come up. That’s the plan anyways.

I’m glad your experience has been good. I’m guessing BoinxTV has been stable for you? What’s your setup like?

A little late to the game here, but I think I would create a series of lower thirds that separate the names alphabetically. Then fire and manage from the correct alpha series… Maybe one for each letter… “A Lower Thirds”, “B Lower Thirds”, “C Lower Thirds”, etc.
Or maybe “A - E Lower Thirds”, “F - J”, “K-N”, etc.