Is BoinxTV compatible with OSX Sierra

Just wondering if the latest boinxTV update is compatible with osx sierra? thanks :slight_smile:

@“Em Yeo” Technically, the latest BoinxTV update is mimoLive 2.6.3 which is compatible with macOS Sierra.

As far as we know, the last BoinxTV release 1.9.13 is also compatible with macOS Sierra. There are no reports to the contrary. However, we recommend to upgrade to mimoLive.

(UPDATE: Incorrectly stated that the last release was 1.9.15)

@“Oliver (Boinx)” , my version of Boinx is 1.9.13 and when I check for updates it tells me I’m all up to date. How do I get 1.9.15? Cheers!

Nevermind! I think it was just a typo. 1.9.13 is the latest version!


@Emanuel Yes, it was a typo. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for following up.