Is 128 gb ssd sufficient in 17 MacBook Pro for BoinxTv Home?

Hi, will a 128 gb ssd be enough for me to use BoinxTv or the Home version, or is it not enough memory/hard drive space to run the programs, and record the video at the same time? Can I record the video to the external drive, or does it only export the video off the hard drive after it is recorded?

I have an external FireWire hard drive, and a Drobo 4 bay 2nd gen.

I am going to buy a 17 MacBook Pro soon, and I am leaning towards the ssd drive.

Also is a Nikon DSLR, like the new 5100 model, that records movies, and audio, a supported video input device? I have used my Nikon D300 in live preview mode with Sofortbild software program via USB, in BoinxTV Home and it works, but it would be nice if the newer cameras were on the supported list. None of my current computer equipment is up to date enough to test BoinxTV or BoinxTV Home fully, so I appreciate any help, or comments. Thank you!

Be sure to have nothing else on your firewire drive and minimal folder structure (this will make the drive faster a: because it it faster at the perifery b: because it does’nt have to look too deep into the folder tree)
Use another slow drive as simple backup

  1. store your original video clips on the slow external drive (slow is OK, but as big as you can afford, as HD files are hungry for space)
  2. make a working copy of them on the firewire fast drive; preferebly in a Apple 422(LT) codec, because it is easier and faster to edit, although the files are larger. Use MPEG Steamclip for the batch conversion (a must free download for excellent fast file conversion)
  3. trim the copies for usable material for the current project, leaving a few seconds (5sec?) either side of the trim for the space of a possible transition
  4. copy the trims to your SDD and use them as you need in Fotomagico.
  5. when the project is finished, copy all the file to your storage drive, create an ISO image for each TV system you want to distribute to and an ISO for Blu-Ray and save it in a folder with the project (on the storage drive), burn a couple of DVDs with the project ISO image for safety and put them in a safe place.
    The ISO files will allow you to burn DVDs and Blu-Ray disks quickly in future.
    128 SDD drive is fast, but very small for video, programs and system: never mind any other image files. Only keep what is current on it, and practically nothing else apart from a few small documents: store in the external storage large drive/s
    Dedicate the firewire to video only, as pointed out at the beginning.
    I hope this was some help.

There is really not much I can add to pauls excellent answer.

128GB is not really much but it completely depends on how long you are going to record. If you copy the recordings off afterward, it should be fine.

Thank you both for the suggestions, and I think I will buy the FireWire card for the card slot.

I just got a new 17" MBP & really like it. I’m not investing in anymore firewire drives tho, there is some great stuff with the new Thunderbolt coming out this summer. LaCie has an external SSD drive (2 internal) on RAID 0 running 500-700mb/s. A RAID 0+1 with additional drives runs well over 1GB/s. this was all demoed at the NAB show last week. most devices announced are suppose to be shipping by summer. Paul had a great post. in terms of format, the Apple Intermediate Codec option is ok, it can get you by if you are hurting for space & performance but can run up to 1GB/min spacewise. Plugs into any of the NLEs fairly easily as well, with no transcoding.

As soon as anyone here has any experience with upcoming thunderbolt drives, please let us know.That technology is so exciting, we just can’t wait to see what happens

I tried the 422 codec on my workflow last night. 30 secs=1.8GB of data… so that’s about 3.6Gb per min. I don’t have an external fast enough to do that right now…

So I’m saving my money now for one of the Thunderbolt RAID boxes! I Will be happy to post back.

I’m also hoping to get my hands on one of the capture devices, so please feel free to add support anytime :wink: