iPhotos replaced by new Photos app - how do I add this to my libraries


I’ve just updated my Mac to Yosemite and also upgraded to the latest Fotomagico. Unfortunately Yosemite replaces iPhoto with a new app called Photos. This doesn’t appear in my libraries for selecting photos in Fotomagico. Is there a way round this?


Same question from me: Will Fotomagico support new app Photos in near future. I have do a decision in which database to store new pictures

And the same for me! Can we soon expect an update of FotoMagico with a connection to the Photos database?

This is the info I received by email when I asked:

Apple no longer supports iPhoto and Aperture. Photos app has been released with 10.10.3 Yosemite update, and iPhotos and Aperture has been removed from the App Store. Now Photos is the only photo-editing app which comes out of the box with OS X.

Sorry for inconveniences. We are working hard on the future update, that will support Photos, but for now, it is temporarily not compatible with FotoMagico 4.

As a workaround, you can use your new Photos app as a hub for all the pictures that you have, edit them, and then just drag-n-drop ones that you are interested in to FotoMagico 4.

So, you are saying that I just paid $99 for the FotoMagico 4, specifically because it would work with my Mac, and they have not fixed this issue??? I had no idea when I bought it - TODAY - then I happily went to play around with it before starting a big project and it won’t work with Photos. Ridiculous is a simple and appropriate word. Seems like fraud to sell me this Mac app, knowing that it won’t work on my Mac. Needs to be fixed, like today, or a need a refund : (

A simple workaround is to export the photos you want to use to a folder on the desktop. Then drag and draw the photos to FotoMagico to make your show. That will work

I don’t use iPhoto that much, so consequently I don’t use the new Photos that much, either.

Regardless, I personally think a “better” workflow for constructing a FotoMagico presentation is to create a new, empty folder, and drag ALL of the photos intended to be in the slide show into that folder (preferably making copies, not just moving them) – just as erlingmp suggested above. I will even copy my audio files into that folder as well. At least I know that everything that goes into making THAT slideshow are all in the same place (and I can then drag THAT folder anywhere I want and know that everything needed to create the slideshow is in that folder). That just makes sense to me, and is the way I’ve been doing it since I started using FM years ago. But, hey, that’s just my opinion…