Iphone via usb and saving picture to the mac

Hi everybody, i just searched the forum but no match to the question.
The question is: it’s possible to connect an iphone 6 or ipad to istopmotion mac via usb and save the picture you take directly to the mac (without saving to the phone, memory full)?
Or, do the wifi connection save the picture to the mac already?
Thank you!

In order to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote camera for iStopMotion you need to download the companion app iStopMotion Remote Camera in the Appstore. Your Mac and the iOS devices needs to be in the same network then iStopMotion will recognise the remote camera app and let you select it as an input source. Once the iStopMotion Remote Camera and iStopMotion are connected the live view of the camera will be visible. When you capture an image a high resolution image will be transmitted to your Mac. This image is not stored on your iOS device.

Thank you very much, very useful answer.
Just bought istopmotion 3 and used it.