Iphone screen capture

I´m using the black magic Mini Recorder and the adaptor for hdmi in iPhone and I pretend to use an iPhone as a source camera throw the mini recorder but all that have in iphone screen shows up when capture, I figure out the way to capture only the video from the camera.

you would need an app that only shows the camera video. I don’t know of such an app as of now. Just so you know. If you are running the latest version of BoinxTV and OS X 10.10 or newer you can simply connect your iphone using the lightning cable. It will then show up as a source in BoinxTV.

Bastian of course I appreciate a lot your help, you make me save money in blackmagic adapter :stuck_out_tongue: using the lightning cable, but still showing the screen controls, what I made cutting 11% in left corner using the fullscreen resolution and works for now.

If you mean you want to record the iPhone screen, this iPhone screen recorder might help you.

last couple of days i used updated iOS11 new built-in feature to record the screen, How to use this feature read this thread. Do not require any other third party app for screen recorder.

In the mean time we developed the mimoCam iOS app as an companion to mimoLive Mac. It turns your iPhone into a cam removing all the video controls. Currently you still need to connect it to the Mac with a lightning cable.