iPhone remote camera overheating

I was using my iPhone 5 (running 7.1) to capture a timelapse of the snow melting outside my office window this morning… my phone kept:

  1. Dropping the wifi signal.
  2. Overheating.
    I understand having my phone in direct sunlight contributed to temperature rise, however, I’ve noticed running the remote camera app heats up the phone significantly. Is there a way to optimize any settings to avoid this? All I needed was one frame every 20 seconds.

Also, is it possible to connect directly to my Mac via USB/lighting port rather than wifi? This would avoid my wifi issues.

Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

When transmitting the video from the iphone, the Remote Cam transmits a compressed video signal over wifi. This uses the processor a lot and heats up the iphone. Putting it in direct sunlight might cause the phone to overheat. There is nothing we can do about it since the remote camera is built for sending a video stream all the time. In normal indoor settings this isn’t an issue.

You can only use the remote cam over Wifi, sorry. Maybe getting a USB Webcam like a Logitech C920 would be an option?

Thanks for the reply Bastian. It worked much better once the sun was not directly on the phone.

Have the fine developers at Boinx considered a time-lapse mode for Remote Cam app? It seems like a waste of resources to send a constant compressed video signal if I’m only shooting a time-lapse that requires one shot every 10 minutes. A time-lapse mode could also improve the quality of the images sent - and it would be cool to access the iPhone’s HDR mode.

Just had another thought… is it possible to use an ad hoc network to connect from my iPhone to MacBook Pro?