iPhone 6 with iStopMotion Remote Camera takes images upside-down


Using iStopMotion Remote Camera (version 3.1), when I have the iPhone oriented with the camera in the lower-right position, pictures are snapped upside-down.

Anyone know how to remedy this?



We are also having a similar problem. I purchased this (version 3.8.2) for my son for Christmas to do stop motion photography. We downloaded it today (December 26, 2016) from the Mac App store onto his MacBook. He is using an iPhone 5s as the remote camera. At first the image in istopmotion shows up correctly, but then all of the sudden, it flips inverted, or rotates 90 degrees, without changing the orientation of the phone. I don’t see any way to force the image to rotate to it’s correct orientation. We have tried setting the rotation lock on the phone, but that doesn’t make any difference.

Please help!

I think Wingnut’s problem is different from mine. Please see the attached image. I hope it illustrates what I see (and what I’ve tried.)

iPhone camera in lower-right position captures upside-down

I corresponded with Boinx support. It appears you can use only use Remote Camera with the camera in the top-left orientation.