IPEVO P2V Camera Problems

Hi there,

I got the IPEVO P2V Document camera for Christmas as an upgrade from the Hue HD webcam having read this article -http://www.boinx.com/chronicles/2011/5/10/ipevo-camera--the-best-istopmotion-usb-webcam-/

This is the warning message I got in iStopmotion:
“Your movie has a different pixel resolution (640 x 480) than the native resolution of the selected source device (160 x 120). Each image will therefore be resized when inserted into the movie.”

I think this is the problem but I’m not entirely sure. I cannot change the native resolution of the camera.

I also tried changing the resolution of the camera in the IPEVO softeware but this made no difference at all. There was barely any difference between minimum and maximum resolution.

Please help,