IPEVO Camera - THE Best iStopMotion USB-Webcam


cool article! Will your software also work with Logitech Webcam Pro 9000?

Yes it does. We have one here and it works fine.

how well does it work?

As I said "It works fine"

Do you find the auto exposure adds flicker to the animations? With it changaing and adjusting the exposure when adding in new objects.

great product will be using with istopmotion asap, thanks.

How can you say that this is the best webcam? It lacks the ability to lock exposure and white balance, which creates a horrible flicker when doing stop motion. I bought this webcam based on your rec, and it's not very close to useful, despite it's other features. Now if you could lock exposure and balance and focus worked better, it would be good. Until then, buyers using it for stop motion should look elsewhere.

It's the best webcam for stopmotion, as (to my knowledge) there is no better webcam. If you know of any webcam that allows for manual exposure and white balance control, please let me know. In contrast to 99% of all other USB webcams, this one has a manual focus and can be positioned virtually in any position.

hi there, i bought a ipevo cam because of all the recommendations as the one above,
but i was unable to get any continuity in my animation because of the constant change in focus and exposure (constant change in colors) i wondered if you guys actually made a animation with it or just played with it, aim sending my cam back, its useless for istopmotion as far is aim concerned.

I bought this camera and it has and always will have a shaky lighting due to the auto settings! Please remove this article, it is misleading and led me to lose $70.

If it keeps changing focus, you didn't lock the focus. The auto exposure "issue" is common with every webcam.

Sorry to hear that. If you dont like the camera, feel free to return it. Auto Exposure is a common problem with USB webcams and to my knowledge there is no webcam that has fixed exposure and white balance.