iOS Devices are intermittent / have stopped working as a source.

I have used ios devices very often as a source into Boinx / Mimo. Today I can not obtain or maintain an output from various ipads, iphones, ipods in either of my two Mimo machines. Any body else experiencing this?

  • 2014 + 2016 15" MBP OSX 10.11.5
    iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4 ios 9.3.2, iPad air 2, iPod4 ios 9.3.1.


I’m sorry to hear that you suddenly experience troubles.

Do you mean you connected them by Lightning cable and used the iOS source?

As it worked before, I suspect that something changed in the meantime.

Did you update mimoLive, OS X or iOS between now and the last time it worked?

Best regards,


Thanks Oliver,

All devices are connected by lightning cables, All apple issued and in good order.

There has been updates to osx and ios recently, I have devices on earlier ios but all my osx is current. I have tried both the ios source and ios selected as a video source.

It would be good to know if it’s an apple update so I can maybe roll one MBP back, hopefully I am not the only one with this issue.