iOS Device Video Not Working

I am trying to show iOS on-screen, nut it doesn’t seem to be working. The iPhone shows up as a video device, but it isn’t showing the screen, just black.

iOS 11.2
OSX 10.13.3

I recently had to re-install my OS, so I am sure it is some setting of some sort… just not sure what

@“Ray Lane” That is very strange. Could be an Apple bug. Or are you playing video on the iPhone? Or other DRM protected content?

A quick way to check if the problem is with mimoLive is to open the QuickTime Player app and see if the video of your device shows up there?

I was going to show an app, but nothing would appear from the device. I tested in QT, and it wouldn’t show my phone there either.

Screenflow will not record the phone either :frowning:

@“Ray Lane” Very curious. I just tried it and it took a while for my mimoLive to display a video but it worked. I googled for this issue but couldn’t find anything. Maybe reboot both devices and start over?

I did some re-boots and reconnects, etc. And it did start working. Definitely seemed to be more the computer/iPhone/cord… something hardware.

Probably privacy and security voodoo. Have you seen the “Trust this computer” dialog on your iPhone as you connected?