"Invalid File Name"

When exporting a slideshow to StandAlone Player, I got a warning of “Invalid File Name”. This appeared on the final screen after the StandAlone Player was created. What does this mean? Thank you.

Might be the same problem I had? Double-check your file name for any characters that are NOT valid for file-naming conventions under the Mac OS. In particular, the “:” character.

I created a standalone player file using the name “Greenland/Iceland” – the “/” character IS a valid character. What I didn’t catch was that FotoMagico “automagically” changed the “/” character to a “:” character. It went through the entire process of creating the file (which took a while), and then crapped out in the end with an “Invalid File Name” warning. You might have the same problem. Just suggesting :slight_smile:

Thanks, Stan. But my file name is an alpha-numeric name; not symbols. But, who knows. The StandAlone Player was created without any problems I am aware of.

@kitjv: What is the filename you used? What is the complete path of your saving location looks like?

Achim: The file name was “Spain 2012 Slideshow” (no quotation marks). File was saved directly to the Desktop.

@Kitjv: The name and destination looks good indeed. Does it happen always or was it happened just once?

It happens maybe 50% of the time.

Thanks for the infos, we are going to look into it.