internal recording

OK…help me figure this out. I had some graphics I generated in Boinx. I was going to make a recording of some of the moves boinx let me create. I started recording the 2:00 minute sequence, hit the record button and watched as it rendered out the file into a document. However, when I opened the recording, only the first :30 seconds recorded. This happening consistently in that the recording was ALWAYS shorter than the actual recording. Couldn’t find anywhere to adjust the length of the record.

Any thoughts?


anyone there??? has anyone else seen this??? BOINX???.. Oliver…Achim?

Hi there, sorry for the delayed response! Your problem sounds really strange. Is this depending on the recording codec? You mentioned ProRes, did you try with a different codec?

No…only the ProRes setting. I will try another codec later to see if there’s a correlation. I DO know that I have plenty of storage so that’s not the issue. Also, the recording is not corrupt and plays fine…just terminates WAY WAY too early.