Interfacing Boinx TV with provides a service which now includes an embed code for use at my website. I believe they are using h264 now. As a remote host on Spreecast interfacing with the embed code on my website I need advice in setting this up. Spreecast records the session and makes it available but only as an embed. They have data other than the video such as a CHAT Room and other feeds. I would like to also provide product to YOUTUBE but do I have issues with providing output from the three other participants in the session especially as they weave in and out of the netcast? Or because of the screen capture I have that issue resolved automatically. How about the other data? There is a good question in there somewhere:) I guess the screen capture is the screen capture but I think there is a trap here somewhere for me! HELP!

please help me out here: where is the BoinxTV question and how are you using it with Spreecast? Dont really get it. Sorry :frowning:

It’s a tarp!

Hi Bastian,

I will be hosting a program on I am planning to use their embed code to view and host the program on my website I would like to use Boinx TV to enable pre-recorded segments to pass through the Spreecast system live. I suspect that I will have to do this selectively but the ideal for me would allow me to record the entire program for upload to my YOUTUBE Channel with no or limited editing. Any general suggestions or thoughts? Spreecast is using H264 now but is still working on a YOUTUBE upload solution. Enhancing the production value is what I am interested in for now, Thanks.

An additional thought…by putting the embed code on my site I would capture the Spreecast and also incorporate another stream displayed on my site which could in turn be captured along with the Spreecast and the Boinx interface and later uploaded to my YOUTUBE Channel as one unified experience. Terry

Still not entirely sure what you mean. Do you just want to send the final BoinxTV video to spreecast or do you also want to incorporate someone else coming through spreecast?
Sending video to a streaming platform and recording at the same time is totally possible in general.

Let’s start there with the idea of sending video and incorporating someone else coming through spreecast at the same time. Spreecast can have 4 people at once. The host plus three others. The host has the controls to allow up to 3 people or to disallow.

Each time the host allows another person into the discussion each remaining picture shrinks in size self adjusting. Therefore I believe the ideal is to normally use the host position to send the primary signals coming from Boinx to that larger window. Videos, stills and transitions from Boinx.

Any time there needed to be a transition to allow additional people I would need to issue that command through a keyboard. So… would I need two keyboards and a switch to go back and forth from Boinx to another pop out of the Spreecast screen to issue commands (maybe another monitor) and to know what things looked like to everyone else?

This is hopefully simpler than I think it is. I am mainly worried about issuing comands from a keyboard when that keyboard is linked to Boinx and probably can’t be used at that time.

In the design of the viewing experience I think that the opening and closing of the program can be simple enough and the middle which could incorporate the other guests more fluidly would not generally incorporate video stills and transitions.

Thanks for your patience Bastian!



I know now that what I have been trying to ask you is some sort of secret sauce on how to control Spreecast when I should be limiting my questions to Boinx only:)

As Emily Latella (played by Gildna Radner) used to say in an early episode of Saturday Night Live on American Television, “Never Mind”.

The forums are a great source of info. I will figure it all out. I always do!

Terry McMahon
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