Interfacing BMD ATEM 4K with MimoLive - How exactly does it work?

I’m looking at purchasing a MimoLive license for work. Our current setup;

Mac Mini > BMD ATEM 4K

I would like all of the inputs of the ATEM to be available for use inside MimoLive to do some 4K cropping in addition to many other things MimoLive has to offer. What’s the best way to go about doing that?

  • Would I need to purchase a BMD UltraStudio Mini Recorder to come out of the ATEM’s Program output via HDMI to go Thunderbolt into the Mac Mini?

  • Does the Thunderbolt interface make the ATEM show up in MimoLive?

  • Are all of the camera inputs available in MimoLive or just the Program output?

  • If wanting to do 4K camera cropping within MimoLive, would the UltraStudio Mini Recorder be able to output 4K for MimoLive to detect at UHD resolution?

  • Where do you send the Program signal from MimoLive to? The Mac Mini has 1 HDMI (displaying to our monitor) and 2 Thunderbolt ports, both which would connect to the UltraStudio Mini Recorders. So where do I get the Program output?

Thank you!

Hi, Andrew:

I’m not sure about the 4K cropping part of the equation, but generally you would run the program output of the ATEM into mimoLive via an UltraStudio device, as you mentioned. In order to control the ATEM from within mimoLive, you need to have the Mac and the ATEM on the same network and then install the ATEM Controller Layer ($99.99).

Where do you need the mimoLive program output to go?

Might want to look at a thunderbolt to PCIe expansion and use a decklink card (or two) instead to get all inputs/sources.

Here is a detailed tutorial on using mimoLive and the ATEM together.