Interesting glitch with News Flash layer

I am working on a composition for a live broadcast next week, and I noticed that my layer controls for News Flash had gone a little wonky (see screenshot). The incoming and outgoing animation type controls had lost their pop-up menu and were instead showing numeric fields – the fields still worked to change the animation type, but it was pretty weird. Workaround: Saved a new version of the project, reopened, controls back to normal.

Now I need to figure out why the same timed animation for a station logo and the news flash (which are combining to produce an animated lower third that auto-rotates the text) don’t arrive & leave at the same rate. :slight_smile:

Hello Mike,

are you using QuartzComposer on MacOS-Lion to create your compositions (assuming you mean “compositions” in terms of QuartzComposer files)? There is a bug in QuartzComposer which causes to loose the input type (indexed popup or not) for third parties when the composition is saved. The only workaround we know of is to run QuartzComposer on SnowLeopard. In your case I am wondering why re-saving the BoinxTV project file should fix the problem. (My guess is, that the newly re-saved project file don’t have your new composition with it, but the old one shipped with BoinxTV. To prevent this, you have to change the tv_LayerIdentifier value of the composition in the composition information: command-option-i).

If your post is not QuartzComposer-replated please apologize my misunderstanding!