Intensity Pro - Dropped Frames

I am using a MacPro 1,1 Dual-Core Xeon 3.0GHz system with 17GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card. My input source is a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card. Are there known issues with the BMD card? I’ve had difficulty with audio becoming out-of-sync. During recording, the Boinx GUI shows frequent dropped frames (buffering). I’ve favored 30FPS an have converted to 29.97 to attempt to resolve video-audio mismatch without success. A video-audio signal through firewire VCR seems stable. Any suggestions?

Having the same issue here as i switch between inputs (cameras). My firewire boxes don’t seem to have any issues. I looked at camtwist 2.0 and they have some notation about “keeping cameras (sources) hot” so not to have any frame dropouts or jerkiness. Is there something that can be done to remedy this with these cards? They seem to be a great cheap alternative to other options out there especially on a mac.

We found a bug in 1.7 and before that caused this. Please upgrade to BoinxTV 1.8, where is issue should be fixed. Some dropped frames might be normal depending on the BoinxTV load and the type of camera. The BoinxTV engine will normally compensate for that and keep AV sync.

Even with the 1.8, the dropped frame indicator shows up all the times when using a Blackmagic source. But, i have to say, i cannot see any dropped frames visually, the source looks just fine.
I can confirm the out of sync audio, the Blackmagic card (driver) has some serious troubles if used with any non-Blackmagic software. I’ve had serious out of sync problems with BoinxTV and different audio troubles on a Windows system with a totally different software.

If the BMD delivers 50 fps but the document only uses 25 fps, it is perfectly okay to drop half of the frames.

Yep, source is 60fps, doc is 30. That was exactly what i was thinking. Thanks Bastian for confirming this.

@salex: I am having trouble setting up my BMD intensity card, can you walk me through how you did it?

@neoorganik you should probably be more specific about your problem. What troubles do you have? Blank input/card not detected in OS X, dropped frames etc?