Intensity Extreme Issue

Hi all,
We are currently considering buying BoinxTV for use by our Media Studies students.
We downloaded the BonixTV trial and really like it apart from an issue with our Blackmagic Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt) which
is preventing us from purchasing.

I connect our Panasonic TM-900 to the Blackmagic and it works perfectly with Veescope Live, Quicktime and some other capture software we have.

However, when I open BoinxTV and go into preferences the Blackmagic is listed and has several input options though they all have a red spot next to them
and say the device is connected but not available as it is in use by another application. The problem is there are no other applications using the device
when BonixTV is running and as mentioned before if I quit BonixTV and open up another app it works flawlessly, could this be an issue with the Intensity Extreme being too new or is it a restriction because we are using a demo version?

Any answers would be much appreciated and I can attach screen shots on request.

Many thanks, Mike.

you need to make sure there isn’t another app running in the background or is starting up when you log in to OS X. open Activity Monitor app & see if something is running. also check under Apple Logo Menu > System Preferences > Users > Startup Items to see if something is opening up when you log in.

all else fails, create a new user account & try that. I recommend doing that anyway.

My box (I have the same one) has been working fine.

Dont get fooled by that. BoinxTV gets a “in use” notification for all input but for the last one used. Simply assign the input you need to a video source in the sources panel. If it works in QuickTime, it will work in BoinxTV.