Integrating a Zoom Meeting into MimoLive

Does anyone know how to integrate a Zoom Livestream or Zoom Meeting as a MimoLive source?

Thanks !
Jeffrey Hansell

In general, it is easy enough to get the video from any application into MimoLive with the Window Capture source. The difficulty is usually with getting the audio mixed in.

I’ve been thinking about this same obstacle with regard to Google Hangouts, or any Video meeting utility.

The magic is an app called LoopBack. This allows you to capture any sound source on the Mac and turn it into a “microphone” to be used in mimoLive.

Soundflower is a free alternative:

Loopback user here … it works great.

I have seen that Zoom creates a virtual camera that can bee connected into mimoLive in the usual way. I haven’t tried I as I do it the other way round, virtual camera in mimoLive as a source in Zoom. Works well.

I have tried and tried to get Loopback (and the Squirrel app) to work. Will someone please give me specific instructions or direct me to somewhere that can tell me! Thanks. I’m desperate!!

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You need to set up a virtual interface with Loopback, then use it as a “speaker” in Zoom and as an Audio Source in mimoLive. This brings Audio from Zoom into mimoLive. Then you need to set up a screen capture source to get the video in.

To get audio and video into Zoom, you need to install the Virtual Camera (

With mimoLive 5.8b1 you can select an audio mix to go out over the Virtual Camera. You need to set that up to exclude the Zoom Audio so you don’t create an echo.

Depending on what you want to do, you might not need some of that set up.

Wow! It took a bit to figure it all out, but it works! I’m using version 5.7. Thank you so much.

I used a 2nd pc for zoom meeting and used NDI to stream it out to mimolive audio included. no need for loopback software or any virtual audio IO. see my post:

Thanks, Stud. Unfortunately I don’t have the technological know-how to set this up. (I had to look up NDI!) I’ll play with this, though. It sounds like a better solution.

Oscar, I assume that mimoLive 5.8b1 is a beta version. I’d like to try the way you mentioned. Can you please put me on the beta list and send me a link to download it? I’m going to try all this one more time, and if I can’t get it, I will definitely be doing your one-on-one coaching.

Hi there, Joel!

You can always get mimoLive’s latest beta, as well as the current version, from

Make sure you check the “Show Beta Versions” option on the upper left corner!