Integrated Streaming

I saw a post today from a Boinx employee written in 2011 that Boinx is ‘aware’ that integrated streaming is high on the list of demands.

Is this ever going to be a possibility? Thanks.

I want to know the same. Looping all through CamTwist works, but isn’t a great solution.
Direct integration in BoinxTv would be very useful.

We are hearing the demand of streaming right out of BoinxTV! Since 2011 there where also changes in MacOS-X that will help us develop the streaming feature. Plans are made and now they are waiting to be put into praxis. Unfortunately we don’t have a schedule for it right now.

After a lot of research on the Internet, I have figured out that BoinxTV loses hardly to WireCast. Everyone, who have compared these two products have chosen WireCast instead of BoinxTV. The main reason - no integrated streaming.

I believe according to my research, if BoinxTV does not include soon integrated streaming, he loses the battle. It’s not just some fancy feature, but must have feature.

At my point of view, currently BoinxTV is like mobile phone, without the capability to make calls at all. All fancy features are available, but no any way to make a real phone call.

I really like the Quartz composition layers, but it all renders useless finally without proper support for streaming. As minimal, the output should be available as some sort virtual camera with properly synced audio.

@holyfield: You are right about the missing streaming feature in BoinxTV: We have plans for it, but it will take a while to implement. Technically: We have to move forward to 64 bit technology which is a huge undertaking in such a complex application like BoinxTV.

Holyfield, you are incorrect when you say everyone has compared Boinx and WireCast and chosen WireCast over Boinx. I’ve compared them at length and have chosen Boinx for the superior options they provide over WireCast. Yes, it is missing streaming, but the workaround through Camtwist is a minor inconvenience to be able to send such graphically rich content out of my system.


As an interim step, would it be possible to implement a virtual camera out which FMLE could use? Remove the need for Camtwist - an extra link in the chain which really only adds another point of failure and means if something does fail, it takes longer to get started up again.

@ukc: thats exactly our plan but unfortunately this step needs those prerequisites I mentioned.