Instant Slideshow

Would be nice to have a random zooming option. I think this in-out-in-out- looks not pro. And only one direction looks boring. It’s nice to have this features, but for a quick good looking slideshow it’s not useable.
Another cool feature for quick slideshows would be a rotation-animation and pan option.

I would like to second this and totally agree 100%

Hallo, ich komme von ProShow Gold und am meisten vermisse ich auch die Zufallsanimationen, die auch ein (sanftes) Drehen und abwechslungsreiche Zoom-Aktionen enthalten.

VG Michael

PS: I hope you speak German as your department is 30 km in the north of my hometown Bad Tölz :wink:

Thank you all for the feedback. So far we heard from pro photographers that no zooming or maybe slight in and out zooming is what they want, instead of random zooms. Most of them told us they hand craft the zooming if required. All you feedback is well noted and we’ll try to add that to a future version of the assistant.

@happy_michael: Natürlich sprechen wir Deutsch, ich habe meine Antwort in Englisch gehalten, damit alle Forenteilnehmer es verstehen können :wink: