Instant replays?

I’ve had a look through the forums and don’t believe there is a solution out there at the moment to do this, but I thought I’d ask anyway. I would like to have “instant replays” for my productions. So typically I would want to jump back about 30s and replay the action that has just gone through. Running it at real time is acceptable but of course a slow-mo option would be very cool! Has anyone done anything like that before?

I would also like to know about this possibility. I have a sports event coming up in Autumn (Fall) 2013 and would love to have this feature.

Me too I’d like to have this feature. In the window world there is " vMix" app that is a very good Tv studio with that feature and more. I think BoinxTv staff have to look at this app to make something better.

Would also love a feature like this available