install does not work

Hi, i just downloaded istopmotion 3 unpacked, installation assist opens and when i click to proceed, it starts downloading something from the server (license info i think) and it keeps loading - no response. i can’t even close the program. please help. thanks.

Usually our applications just download small things in the background, not relevant for startup.

Where did you download the app from?
What does the app says when you “click to proceed”?
Does the app shows the spinning beach ball?

i downloaded from application systems website and later again from istopmotion.
after download. i click on the ism symbol - setup assistant opens. then i can choose between “lizenz installieren” install license or click “fortfahren” proceed to start the assistant. (see file)
the app says “produktdaten werden vom server geladen”.
there is no beach ball…
thanks again!

Please can you check the “Console” application (“Konsole” in german) and see if there is some output regarding iStopMotion at the very moment you hit “fortfahren”?
And: Which version of MacOS are you running?

thank you for your quick response.
no, there is no output.
i run 10.8.5 on my 2 ghz intel core 2

We are still investigating what can cause this but currently we can’t reproduce the behavior. Please can you disconnect your Mac from the internet and try to run FotoMagico again? Our hope is, that you can finish the first assistant, so that the app will run without a problem when been connected to the internet again.