How many live inputs will boinx TV suppport

Hi, this is depending on your hardware (computer and used graphics card), the pixel resolution of your production, how many layers are used and if you are recording or streaming. We are using a MacPro and we are able to feed in 3 cameras in SD mode and a computer screen via a VGA2USB adapter to capture a Keynote presentation for example. The best way to find out is to download the demo and give BoinxTV a try with your own hardware! We would be happy to read about your findings!

I’m using a canon HF10 via MXO2 Mini, a desktop screen via screen share, USB mic & line in via toslink cable on a new 17" MacBook Pro i7. I’ve added a usb cam a couple of times, that works ok but the frame rate is low on that due to the lighting (set automatically by the cam).